Hello!  I'm Anthony Matthews. I've been working in the US Space Program, largely for the DoD, for many years, and have now returned to the UK. Here are some highlights of my current activities which I hope you will find interesting.

AntyMatterSpace This website is where I keep track of my activities. I conduct occasional interviews, and also write articles on space things I find interesting. Browse AntyMatterSpace.com.

NASA Solar System Ambassador I am honoured to be a NASA SSA.  The role of an SSA is to communicate the science and excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and discoveries with the people in their communities. I'm one of two SSAs in the United Kingdom, and am available at no charge to visit schools, libraries, events, and anything else really to help spread the word about NASA activities.  I have presentations ready to go! Please contact me for more information.

Space Consulting I am a long-time engineer and manager in the US Space Program. Having returned to the UK, I offer my services to organizations as required. Click for more information and a CV/resume.

Journalism I am a freelance journalist registered with the IAPP.  In this capacity I am available to attend and report on any function, event, or activity on your behalf. Please contact me for rates and availability.